Not even trying she stole my heart
And I never it got it back
I never get it back no
Some sort of thief in an angels gown
Put a ransom on my heart
A captive forever now

she’s untouchable

My fickle mind jumps from place to place
Trying to forget, trying to erase the way
She came unnoticed, but she left a wake
Swallowed up my heart
Sweeping all my love away

If she should leave me, hope I never know
How could I move on, how could I just let her go
The thought alone makes my head hurt so
Right now she’s in my arms,
Now I will just hold her close

Story: This songs comes from the kind of games that go on inside our heads(at least mine) when we meet someone we really like. There is this vulnerability that happens that is almost scary, in this case it seems like the girl is untouchable. There is nothing to be done about the way you feel, you don’t really know why, and you can’t figure out if it’s a good thing to be or a bad thing.

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