The Way I Love You

I may never be a mountaineer
Scale tall peaks so far from here
and I may never sail the open seas
But a sailors life ain’t the life for me
and heights they just don’t seem to be
the kind of thing, that would catch your eye

I may never be a movie star
Have big ol house with a big green lawn
I may never have a famous name
But big ol yards are hard to mow
An empty house is lonely so
I don’t need all that fortune and fame

I may never find all the words
To describe the way I love you girl
And I may never sculpt a perfect phrase
But that just means my songs won’t end
And the words I write with tongue or pen
Will be renewed with every day

Oh I love you the way I love you
Not the way any one would do
Oh I love you the way I love you
Just simple and pure and true

Story : It’s the central theme of most of my songs. Love. Cheesy lovey dovey songs are my favorite. There’s hardly a better subject for a song if you ask me. I like to think there is someone out there we can learn to love and love just simply for who they are. I think it’s worth waiting until you meet some one you feel that way about.

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