The Luxury Item

I’ve been debating on what I should bring. I’m pretty much as minimal as I want to go on gear. My cookset, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, first aid/toiletries and pack weigh a  whopping 20lbs. That’s pretty good I think. Anyhow I keep debating on what item I want to take just for me. I have a kindle, and I have a guitar both of which are in the air. The guitar weighs 27oz which is pretty good considering it’s a GUITAR. Well, Cordoba calls it a Guilele.  I found it in Best Buy one day and just had to have it.

It’s really a cool little instrument and it was relatively cheap so I’m not worried about something happening to it. It was like $100, which in the guitar world is not much. It is tuned up a 4th above the guitar, meaning it’s like playing a guitar with the capo on the fifth fret. All well and good but that means every song I know has to be transposed or sang way higher.

I decided to try it out with the song this little song :) It’s not the best sounding guitar but it makes noise. Maybe that would be a bad thing though. Might make people not like me. haha

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that this will be my luxury item. I love to write songs and writing songs with out an instrument for me would be like playing soccer with out a ball. It’s a hard decision though bc I don’t want to regret bringing it. I’ve just heard so many stories of people bringing things that they didn’t need to and I’m trying to keep that to a bare minimum. What do you guys think?


  1. A good “luxury item” feeds the soul and strengthens the spirit. It also can be a great motivator for getting your pack weight down so you can carry it :) For me that is often a way too heavy complete works of Frost, but a mountain top seems the proper place to read a poem about a mountain and a forest the proper place to read about a wood. I think I’d be tempted to carry a harmonica before a guitar, but bring what will make you happy because that is the whole point of going in the first place.

    1. That’s great. “It feeds the soul”…that’s a really good point. I think I’d wish I had it if I don’t take it. Do you really carry the complete works of Frost?

      1. Hmm, I guess I’m not certain it is his complete works but it is a paperback copy of The Poetry of Robert Frost edited by EC Lathem. At a tad over 600 pages and weighing in at 17.5 ounces it is probably more poetry than is needed on most trips, but best to come prepared :)

        I don’t take it on every trip, but it has definitely been to the mountain more than a few times. I am still debating if it will come along on my Long Trail trip this Fall because I could carry more cookies if I leave it at home.

  2. More than one luxury item! I don’t know where this silly idea of “one” luxury item has come from. Cary all the fun things! Guitar, water pistols, silly hats. You’re going out there to hike – but to also have fun! So bring things that facilitate that!

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