I want to tell you “You’re Beautiful”
Cause I get high off your smile
Don’t want to make you uncomfortable
That kind of thing’s not my style

I want to tell you “You’re so Smart,
One day you’ll conquer the world.”
I want to make you feel beautiful
You’re such a wonderful girl

But I don’t want to go too far
I’m sure I’ve gone and said too much
If delivery’s the key to charm
I’m sure that I’ve quite messed it up

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Story: It’s been months since I’ve written a song. Not because I haven’t wanted to but because I haven’t had anything to sing about. I put a lot of myself into them, even the cheesy ones. I can’t just make up songs anytime I want. I know it’s short, but I put a lot of thought into those 12 lines. Probably more than worth mentioning. The song is about wanting to tell someone how you feel but being afraid you’ve timed it poorly. Things are always worse in my mind than they really are. I am constantly over analyzing myself. I take something that should be simple and make it terribly complicated but I don’t mean to. Then I criticize myself and beat myself down into this state of failure. It’s not with everything, primarily just relationships. If I make a girl that I like feel uncomfortable it really bothers me, then it’s a land slide of uncomfortable attempts at redemption. Most of the time the best thing for me to do is just shut up and hope the awkwardness passes. Anyhow that’s the progression: confidence, brief reconsideration, more confidence, another bout of reconsideration, over analyzation, and lastly self-incrimination. See, I told you I put more into it than worth mentioning. I hope you enjoy and if you make it this far I’d love to know if you liked it :)

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