The Ballerina

They say that she could pass for an angel
At two years old she’s got this radiant glow
But she’s already a princess
She’s her daddy’s girl
and she’s beautiful.

And she says,
She’s going to dance like a ballerina
She’s going to be one of a kind
Someday she’s going to dance for Jesus
Someday everything will be alright
Someday everything will be alright

Her daddy thinks that she’s perfect
They had been trying for years
It’s a miracle she’s here
She smiles despite the hurting
In her hospital gown
You should see her spinning around

Story: I wrote this song in college while attending the Woodland Hills youth group. One of the wonderful ladies was sharing a story about a little girl with cancer that wanted to be a ballerina. Her daughter had a similar story and it really moved me. Wish I could give you more details about her story, but it’s been too long. I should have written it down then. I decided it was time to add it too my collection and made only a few minor changes to clean it up a little bit. I hope you enjoy it.

Featured Image Credit: ahollowtree via photopin cc

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