Afternoon Showers

It’s summer time, and sunlight
is filling up, the blue skies.
I force a smile, go outside
have myself, a good time.

This afternoon, the clouds will move
and shades of grey, consume the blue.
The thunder calls…It starts to fall…

But I love the rain,
Cause that’s how I feel
I’m falling apart
Spinning my wheels
I love the rain

Please don’t get me wrong, the summer sun
makes summer loving, so fun.
Once in a while, the rain must come
to mend the damage, the sun has done.

Feel it fall, upon my face
and make the tears, I couldn’t make.
Letting go…
As the water flows…

Story: I’ve been sitting on the chorus for sometime. Today, it rained. Today, I knew what I wanted to write. I like when that happens. I haven’t written a song in a while, not that you guys were itching to hear another one.  Anyways, don’t read into this too much. I’m not saying I’m depressed. I’m saying sometimes it just feels good when it rains. Sometimes, you don’t want a sunny day. You don’t want to have to be happy. You want to know that it’s ok to be a human. I love to walk in the rain. Why? I think it’s because most people don’t. Somehow it’s freeing. It may ruin your plans, but that’s when you might as well just soak it up. Step in that mud puddle, your shoes are already wet. Might as well have fun. Embrace the rain, and let it fall on your face. Stretch out arms. Take a drink. Smile, it’s raining.

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