Not Just Music

It’s not just music
It’s not just a song on the radio
It’s a feeling of letting go
When we’re driving down the road
It’s not just music

Music up, Hands out
Summer heat, windows down
I’m in the drivers seat
With you right next to me

I sing, Out Loud
The sound, not proud
But you smile cause you don’t care
Our song is on the air

Slow Down, Dirt road
We take the long way home
We don’t need a thing
We’re still just listening

You kiss, my cheek
I smile, I think
My heart has blown up inside
All I feel is butterflies

Your hand on mine
You tap in time
At some point the song must end
But we just play it again

Story: Must have been the 2 mochas I’ve had today. I don’t know if everyone has an experience like this but it sure is a good feeling. I wish I could have made it sound happier! But “life’s a dance you learn as you go though”. Thanks John Michael Montgomery.

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