The Drive

I don’t know if you’re listening
I can’t stop thinking bout you
My head is pondering mysteries
My heart is falling of you

We’re on a road and going no where fast
Let’s stop the car and we’ll fill up with gas

We can drive and drive and drive
Until we make it
Drinking Drinking Coffee
til we shaking
Drive and drive and drive
til we can’t take anymore, or til we find something worth stopping for

Life’s a highway we’re driving
Two’s so much better than one
I can drive while your sleeping
We can stop when we want

The scenery is so overwhelming
I’m feeling small in my seat
The river winding beside me
A pretty girl next to me

Story: I’ve been on a song kick. :) Really enjoying this actually and hopefully you are. The last 2 have started with just a line and melody. This one I had to work really hard to find a hook. I couldn’t decide on a title. “Something Worth Stopping For” was on the list but I didn’t feel like it was talking about finding something worth stopping for. It’s about going through life with someone. Driving, taking your time, and soaking up the moments. Stop when you’re tired, drive when you’re not, and make sure you drink plenty of coffee(but only if you like it).

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