Fortune and Fame

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How about a shot of whiskey,
Just one would do just fine
Let’s smile and laugh together
Play a game, that plane is mine
And that one there makes nine.

Some seek a fortune
Others seek fame
I say we’re richer
In very different ways

Let’s go seek buried treasure
Flip a coin for the road we take
Climb a mountain, cross the desert
Cause life is what you make,
And let’s give more that we take.

Coffee and conversation
Camping out underneath the stars
Let’s go, if you are willing
Cause home is where you are

Story: This short little diddy is a result of traveling. The fortune and fame part was inspired by Leadville. Leadville is a mining town. I imagine so many people came here seeking a fortune. I can’t help but think many of them sought that fortune there entire lives before realizing how rich they really were, if they ever did. “If I were young and single I would…” How many times I’ve heard that but how few of us would actually carry it out. Maybe it’s because we are scared. I don’t know. Anyhow I was trying to capture part of that in the song and have it be a little bit of a love song. Like I’ve said before, I can’t just write songs and when I do they are like treasures to me. Thank you so much for listening.

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