This is what I’ve been waiting for!!! It’s is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! This is the first time I have seen it! I was taking a pit stop and photographing some mountains and all of a sudden the sky starts dancing. I followed suit. Grinning from ear to ear, jumping up and down, and talking to it! A ridiculous show but I couldn’t help myself. “What! Wow! It’s the! Wow! You’re out! You’re, you’re, you’re BEAUTIFUL!!!” I’m 90miles north of nowhere, alone, and standing in AWE!!


Pictures can’t do it justice. The aurora breathes in and out. It dances, twinkles, blinks, and when it’s finished fades away.


The sun set around 11pm. I didn’t think it would ever go down. It glowed well into the night but it didn’t affect the show.


Some times it’s was streaks, sometimes swirls, and sometimes soft pillows drifting above the mountains.


The snow really made the mountains come alive.


I stopped every time I could to take pictures. There was no light pollution to ruin the moment except when a trucker drove by.


In Atigun Pass green filled the sky. I’ve never been so giddy. So excited. So awed. I feel like I really got to see something special. Like the lights really put on a show just for me.


Have you ever seen a sky so purple!?


  1. That is sooooo awesome! I would be dancing too. What a blessing to be able to see these. I’m loving your blogs and pictures – keep them coming. Miss ya bunches!!

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