Philly Cheesesteak

Sonny’s Original Cheesesteaks is my co-workers favorite food truck. He gets one every week. He told me that biting into a one is pretty much a religious experience. It’s steak grilled and covered with cheesy goodness, onions, and mushrooms. I’ve had one, and though religious experience might be a little far fetched. It’s more like a little piece of heaven, topped with cheese, and mushrooms, and organic grease.

Aemil, picked up a cheesesteak on Wednesday. We work in an open office. Everyone’s in the same room. We listen to the same music, and we smell whatever food our co-workers bring in. We even have dogs, see here Gentri and I are hard at work.

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Anyways, Aemil got a cheesesteak. And that’s it, end of story. No, kidding.  Aemil unwraps the cheeseteak and leaves that  little piece of heaven sitting in front of us all. Feast your eyes:

Aemils leaves. It sitting on the edge of the desk. Just sitting there, unwrapped. Grease drips down from the meat, you can hear hit his the desk. Well I can’t, but…

Feasting her eyes

Garb….Garb…Garb…..”Gentri, NO!” Says Tim just returning from the kitchen. I lean left. Gentri is plowing through the cheesesteak. “NO!” I say. I grab her, flipping her on to her back. “NO!” Cheese outlines her lips. “Bad dog!” I keep her pinned on her back. “No! NO! No!” She licks her lips. “No” She continues licking her lips, on her back. “NO!…sigh” She’s still licking her white lipstick. Aemil sees the devastation, heart dropping. His holy artifact decimated. He scoops the scattered pieces back into the bread. She went straight for the heart. The goods. The meat and cheese. She’s smiling. Happy as a clam at high water. “no gentri…that’s a bad dog…” All lowercase because she is so utterly please with herself I can’t prevent a smile. Gentri is still on her back, still cheesefaced and smiling.

“It was totally worth it…” ~Gentri

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