Dear Wof

Dear Wof,

An idea has come to me. Imagine that, cognitive functions A-Okay. Anyways, I’m going to share our letters to the world! Why? Because it’s a better alternative than trying to take it over. And it’s going to make us me MILLIONS of $$$$$$$. Readers will be dying to know all about our one-sided conversations. Maybe even literally from the boring content that revolves around yours truly. They’ll be wondering, how will WOF respond and they’ll be left to wrestle with those wonders. I mean you’re only the Worlds Okayest Friend, so that’s perfectly acceptable. And! I don’t intend to share any of the spoils, unless they are rotten then you can have those. I’m so very generous. It would behoove you to start prepping for the paparazzi though. Some sun glasses would go a long way. The big ones that cover most of your face. Yeah, that would help us all.  ;)

A pinch of sarcasm,

~ dmp

P.S – Seriously though. The big dark sunglasses. Oh, with mirrored lenses so I can see myself a little better.
P.P.S – It just occurred to me that Wof could also be Worst Okayest Friend, or for that matter a series of other things. We’ll have to save that for another day.

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