Birth Right

Dear Wof,

Have you ever thought about how much birth plays into who we are, how we think, and what we become? I was born handsome, humble, and down right studdly. We can’t all be so lucky. On top of that I was born an MPWK (Mostly Privileged White Kid). I had to work for somethings, but many others were given to me. It’s my birth right. Seems a little skewed to me, but what are you going to do?

I was born to a hard working family in Bible belt USA and raised by fantastic parents. Not everyone can say that. The circumstances of my existence set me up to succeed at some things with far less resistance than other humans, but the opposite can also come into play. I’m intentionally staying vague. “Some things” might only include checkers but honestly I’m not too good at that game. All of this because I was born. That’s the fourth time I’ve said it, so hopefully you’ve figured out by now that I was indeed born.

I blame my thoughts on those books you’ve got me reading. “Dwayne, you need GoT in your life!” Yeah, I’m mocking you right now but I am not complaining. You may have indeed been right, but we will save that admission for the final book. My favorite is still John Snow but a bastard hardly has birth rights. Those rights are everything in the Game of Thrones. Even though we I don’t call it “Birth Rights” today, it sure does seem like it exists.

Winter is Coming,


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