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Dear Wof,

We can’t all be as perfect as myself. It’s a lot of pressure when everyone likes you, laughs at your jokes, and envy’s your very prescience. That’s a burden I must bear, and I won’t trouble you with it. But today, I have a frustration I want to share with you. Two messages prompted this. Here they are followed and an over-analysis:

Suicide is the easy way out…

Do you see the insult here? Imagine you are the parent of child who chose suicide…This statement sings all kinds of insult. It’s heart breaking. It says: Your child took the easy way out. Your child was weak. Your child was a coward. Your child was selfish. This kind of statement seems like a cheap way to say what you really feel. Which if I may attempt is: Suicide is painful for the ones that are left behind. A totally different statement but I think most would agree it’s true and it’s meaning is so much clearer. At least to me. The next:

Come as you are…

Bet you can’t guess where I saw this? It was on a church billboard. Gosh, I’ve even said this. It seems like such a good message but it’s what it doesn’t say that hit me. This time when I read it, I saw: Come as you are…because you need fixing….so we(or God) can change who you are. I saw the “come as you are” as temporary. You’re welcome to come as you are, because who you are is going to change and that’s what we want. And this could go on and on, but I’ll let it be for now. I just never saw it like that before, and in a world where self worth is pretty damn low and self identity is clear as mud it certainly struck a minor chord.

That’s too much thinking on this non-sense. I’m trying to see the heart behind the message, and for the most part I think that’s good but words are so much louder than intention. And to end a quote from GoT.

Words are like arrows. Once loosed, you cannot call them back. ~Doran Martell

As perfect as I am, I certainly could work on taming my tongue a little more but don’t think that means I’m going to hold back my zingers from you ;)

~ dmp

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