Dear Wof,

I feel like I’ve been on a walkabout for some 4 years now. A friend of mine says:

Dwayne, you know you’re like a fart in the wind. You just never know where you’re going to waft.

And he’s right about one thing…I smell. Another friend of mind told me.

Dwayne, I don’t know what you’re doing but you’re on some sort of journey. I like it.

I have been. I’ve been searching for something and I haven’t been able to articulate just what that something is. Some might say it’s meaning, or purpose, but that’s not quite it. The only way I know how explain it, is to say I know when my life does not feel right. When it doesn’t, I try to make changes to fix that. Some might say they’ve been a little drastic.

Let brief you: In 2014 I left home to walk 2K miles. 2015 started with a road trip across the United States which I rounded out the year by once again dropping everything and driving to the top of Alaska. In 2016 I went on a series of mini(and many) trips amounting to about 40K miles throughout North America.  Then in 2017, you’ll never guess but I moved to Missoula, Montana. The worst part, I didn’t get a single good photo, find a halfway decent camping spot, nor see a single mountain. What’s wrong with this country, there’s just nothing beautiful around here…I’m holding up a sarcasm sign just in case you need the queue.

As drastic as each choice has been, I think I’ve really made some progress. I even know that the meaning of life! Spoiler Alert…It’s 42. If that doesn’t make since you’ll just have to discover it on your on.

Here’s to the journey,


P.S – Don’t Panic

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