Dear Wof,

How does it feel to be neglected? Did you even notice? Well, I haven’t missed you one bit. All those letter you wrote are just sitting in the closet. And if they actually existed I wouldn’t miss them either. I said that with a hard e, just wanted to clarify. I save the hard i for special occasions. But you can say it either(hard i) way. Which was not a special occasion but it gets the point across. Sometimes one just sounds a little nicer than the other.

What’s it been, a month since I last wrote? Don’t guess you’d know, you’d have to read the letters. Now, if you ever do, this one won’t make a lick of sense. Which I’ve recently discovered ‘lick’ doesn’t make sense to every one. Weird. I told someone “Gentri’s food bowls has bout had the lick.” and they looked at me like I was crazy. “What’s a lick?” It means the food bowl is on it’s last lick. Make sense?

Some news on the girl front…I’ve been on a few dates! Ouch, was that your heart breaking. That didn’t sound good. Don’t worry they’ve all been firsts and I’m not at 50 yet. They keep telling me I’m just way too handsome. This is usually followed by silence, but since text messages don’t make noise. It’s always followed by silence. It’s fine, I agree wholeheartedly. I am too handsome. That would have been a good time to use concur. So, I concur.

Holding down the singles fort.


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