Fed Up

Dear WOF,

I’m done. That’s the best way to start a fed up letter. Fed up, that may be the first time I’ve ever written that out. Fed being the past of Feed which is a verb associated with Food…Interesting. Well maybe not but you’re still reading. Continuing…I can’t take dating apps anymore. I know, I know. Why would I even consider a dating app? A good looking fella like me shouldn’t have a problem. Agreed, but you got meet people some how.

Let’s start and probably end with Tindr, which has honestly been a pretty good place to meet people. My beef: Another food reference. Weird. I have a hard time with the profiling of people based on a few words and a photograph. But that’s what happens, at least to me. Let me explain or perhaps convolute.

The first assumption made is “Tindr is for hookups” therefore it’s assumed that you’re OK with hookups. That may be a fair assumption for some, but it’s resulted in a couple problems for me and those who aren’t interested in hooking up.

Problem: On a few dates I’ve felt like a considerable let down bc I haven’t made any ‘moves’ or invited them to my place afterwards. I don’t think I should feel this. It’s a first date. I don’t know them, and they don’t know me.

Solution: Be up front in your profile. To do this, I added “Not interested in hook ups” which of course I worded in a much classier way. I was hoping that it would alleviate that “let down” feeling.

Problem: It’s often assumed that guys who say this are lying so they can appear nice and still score. That means, you still feel like a let down when your date realizes you weren’t actually lying. This has not been the case for all dates by any means. But having felt like a let down in some way because of an assumption is ridiculous.

When a date has turned into multiple dates it’s resulted in mostly friend zoning, which is great for me but not so great for progressing a relationship. Why? Because it makes the relationship feel like it’s going no where. Why? I don’t know! This results in de-friend zoning and you get the gist. So that’s why I’m fed up.

Solution: It’s time to diet. DELETE. Problem solved.

Eat more spinach,


PS: I’ve discovered a New Problem: How do you meet people again?

PPS: I met some really awesome people on Tindr. This might be a recurring problem. Not interested in hook-ups.

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