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The Chair Scenario

You know how teachers say “Don’t lean back in your chair” or “Keep all four legs on the ground please”? Obviously they are implying that you could flip over backwards and hurt yourself. There are always reasons for rules and rules like this are put in place because some clumsy fool has flipped over backwards […]

Springhouse Branch Loop in GSMNP

I’m calling this the Springhouse Branch Loop but it doesn’t really have a name. It’s about 17 miles of beautiful trail. The first 5 or so miles are not bad…but once you hit Springhouse it’s UP hill for a long ways. I started at the end of the Road to Nowhere aka Lakeview Drive. You […]

Lonesome Pine

Yesterday evening I had a wonderful 7 mile hike up to Lonesome Pine Overlook starting at the Noland Divide Trail from Deep Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains just minutes away from Bryson City. Wow, that a mouthful. This was my first time making that hike. It’s 3.5 miles up hill but the reward is […]

A Thimble

Let me give you a kiss, just a thimble, something you’ll remember, a happy thought, from me. Here’s a bit of dust, pixie glitter, and a poem for September, so you can fly, when you think, of me.

I Almost Missed Out

I’ve got a condition. Pretty sure I’ve known about it for a while but it wasn’t until today that I knew the words to describe it. Rewind… Two days ago, I went to Lake Santeetlah for the first time to go for a boat ride, wakeboard, and tube. My friend, Lewis, has a really nice […]

August 31 – Head in the Clouds

I met this family at the Woods Hole Hostel in VA. It’s so cool knowing that they finished. What an amazing accomplishment!!!

Love Letters

There’s a pile of paper by his bed. He has spent hours searching for the perfect words to say. Scratched out countless lines. None of them are good enough. The feelings are there but the words are not. He tries again. He writes each word meticulously, neatly, making sure every words is legible, every word […]

Two Blinks

She smiles. All he can do is stare. It’s not that he doesn’t want to talk, he can’t. Not when she looks at him like that. Two blinks.Looking for words.Two more. The knot has long migrated from his stomach to his throat. “Confidence”, he tells himself, “be confident!” but his knees buckle. How can he […]

You are Beautiful

You are beautiful. His mind fumbles through words, but that’s all he can say. You are beautiful. That’s everything summed up in three simple words. There’s more but he can’t articulate it. Perhaps there are no words for such a simple profound attraction. He breathes. “You are beautiful.” That’s all, just….You are beautiful.

How cute is this!

I received this letter in a care package while I was on the trail. I just found it in my wallet a few minutes ago and can’t believe I didn’t post it! That’s some great trail magic.


It wasn’t relaxing, working outside on what felt like the hottest day of the year, but it was refreshing. Everyday since I’ve been back, I’ve driven home and watched the briars and weeds grow taller, creep up the bank, and weave webs around the construction material that I’ve needed to take to the dump for […]

A Reason to Sing

I’ve been so angry lately. I feel as far away from God as I’ve ever felt, but at the same time as close as I’ve ever been. I wanted to share this song because I think sometimes we all need a little reassurance. We all need a reason to sing.

Dating…Now that’s a problem.

One of my best friends called me today. “Dwayne, when was the last time you went on a date?” he asked. I laughed. He responded with “Why not!” More laughing. That’s how I dodge the awkwardness. Just embrace it, I know I’m pathetic. He checks on me quite regularly, and the response is always the […]

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