Category: Letters to Wof

Wof is the World’s Okayest Friend, she may have started out as a real person but I’m not sure she is anymore. She’s just Wof, and well that’s as okay as it gets. I write her letters, she doesn’t respond, so I write her more letters. It’s most likely because she exists on a plain that you don’t have access to. But rest assured if she ever does respond I’ll be sure to share.

Disclaimer: These letters are filled with words. Some 4 letter, some 3 letter, but typically less than 13 letter. These words make sentences which when combined create the letter. If you do not like what you are reading you have every right to rearrange the words or opt out completely. An intact letter may be filled with cheekiness, sass, one sided conversations, bad jokes(of all types), language(typically English), self deprecation, ego, and hints of passive aggression.

For example: “For spelling and grammar please see the 3rd finger from left(this includes your thumb if you are counting from that side), if you are missing fingers just assume the second, or you can email me which ever is easier. The truth of the matter is that I wouldn’t flip you the bird. I just thought it was funny. But seriously if the grammar is that bad, delicately give me a few pointers.”

I’m pretty sure they are going to let you down in more ways than one, and may even lower my rankings as a human being in your mind. Without further ado welcome to Letters to Wof.

Whoops…one more ado. You’re going to have to scroll down or use a quick link below :)

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