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Songs are made to be listened to and I like to think someone might want to listen to mine. These are all originals and I hope you enjoy them.

A Picture

I’m singing to a picture, It’s not as good as the real thing, but it’s clearer than my memory, which always blurs the little things. The details of your body, How your hair falls down your face. So I’m staring at the pixels, And the smile I want to make. Girl, I wanna make you […]

Dang (The Good Kind)

Truth be told I’m a little embarrassed. You see I love writing silly love songs. I’ve written a bunch but they are nothing to brag about. I haven’t shared this one yet because, well, honestly I don’t want to loose any readers. Silly reason huh? I think too much about that stuff. The internet is […]

Fortune and Fame

How about a shot of whiskey, Just one would do just fine Let’s smile and laugh together Play a game, that plane is mine And that one there makes nine. Some seek a fortune Others seek fame I say we’re richer In very different ways Let’s go seek buried treasure Flip a coin for the […]

The Drive

It’s about going through life with someone. Driving, taking your time, and soaking up the moments. Stop when you’re tired, drive when you’re not, and make sure you drink plenty of coffee(but only if you like it).

Not Just Music

Must have been the 2 mochas I’ve had today. I don’t know if everyone has an experience like this but it sure is a good feeling. I wish I could have made it sound happier! But “life’s a dance you learn as you go though”. Thanks John Michael Montgomery.

Sweet Tea and Tire Swings

It’s just a silly song. I picked up my guilele and started playing it. It’s like a ukelele but it’s a guitar. It’s keyed a little higher and it’s way smaller. I’ve been playing this bluegrass song Cripple Creek on it a lot, maybe too much. The cords are very similar and so is the melody.

Afternoon Showers

It’s summer time, and sunlight is filling up, the blue skies. I force a smile, go outside have myself, a good time. This afternoon, the clouds will move and shades of grey, consume the blue. The thunder calls…It starts to fall… But I love the rain, Cause that’s how I feel I’m falling apart Spinning […]


I wanna be where the mountains are growing up beneath the stars I wanna go, I wanna go I wanna be where the rivers flow And cascade through valleys below I wanna go, I wanna go I want to take my wife and kids And see all the beauty life can give I’ve got wanderlust […]

As Much

Watching the plane writing in the sky, Sitting in that tree with you by my side Guessing at the words as he’s making lines I didn’t know what I was supposed to do But I knew that I wanted to Wrap you in my arms and hold you tight I’ll be as much as you […]

Quirks and Things

We share a coffee. Peruvian medium blend from Loves. Cream but no sugar. The coffee is in my cup holder. Every time she takes a sip she turns the cups spout towards me while I’m driving. I’m not sure she does it on purpose but she’s like that. She’s observant so it wouldn’t be a […]

The Ballerina

They say that she could pass for an angel At two years old she’s got this radiant glow But she’s already a princess She’s her daddy’s girl and she’s beautiful. And she says, She’s going to dance like a ballerina She’s going to be one of a kind Someday she’s going to dance for Jesus […]

Things Worth While

Her hearts as big as the harvest moon Her smiles about the same Coffee oils the gears that turn Deep inside her brain She radiates like the summer sun On a Gieger she’s a ten Stars will fall when she walks outside Knowing she’ll see them Cause she soaks up all the little things She […]


I want to tell you “You’re Beautiful” Cause I get high off your smile Don’t want to make you uncomfortable That kind of thing’s not my style I want to tell you “You’re so Smart, One day you’ll conquer the world.” I want to make you feel beautiful You’re such a wonderful girl But I […]

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