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Songs are made to be listened to and I like to think someone might want to listen to mine. These are all originals and I hope you enjoy them.

The Luxury Item

I’ve been debating on what I should bring. I’m pretty much as minimal as I want to go on gear. My cookset, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, first aid/toiletries and pack weigh a  whopping 20lbs. That’s pretty good I think. Anyhow I keep debating on what item I want to take just for me. […]

A Moment of Doubt

Not sure how to describe the song. I guess I’m a little nervous about posting it because it’s capturing a moment. A moment of doubt. A moment of frustration. A clash between faith and reason. The push for logic to overtake belief. The human response. Am I crazy? Logic says this way won’t work, faith […]

I Can Hear the Bass

I can hear the bass Thumping in my ears Can you hear my heart Ba ba ba beating Pounding in my chest Just because you’re near Can you hear my heart Ba ba ba beating I feel the flutter of butterflies The flicker in my heart when you walk by That look you give when […]

The Smile I Used to Know

She’s not my valentine She’s not my sweet heart The little girl I loved so long ago Often times I think about her memory Remembering the smile that I used to know I fumbled all my confidence with how I Handled every bump along the road Her memory makes me think about the good times […]

My Song

Every artist views their creation a little differently. For some a good song is defined by the number of people who listen to it. For others it may revolve around how uncomfortable they can make their listener feel. For me it is about expressing a state of being, telling a story, and creating something that […]

The Way I Love You

I may never be a mountaineer Scale tall peaks so far from here and I may never sail the open seas But a sailors life ain’t the life for me and heights they just don’t seem to be the kind of thing, that would catch your eye I may never be a movie star Have […]

Not Available

Don’t get the wrong idea I’m not available I’m not the kind of guy that plays like that I’ve got no game But I don’t care if I have it No, I’m OK with where I’m at I guess I kinda like being alone I’m just not ready to let go of what I hold […]

Outside of Me

She don’t know nothing at all Hush hush that’s how we roll No words just let it go, let it go, let it go Closed doors never open wide Wouldn’t know what is inside I can’t just let her know, let her know, let her know Shes a little outside of me She’s a little […]

Get You Talking

What can I say to get you talking and keep you talking I’m clinging to your words and I Just want to have a conversation a conversation What you say, let’s give it a try We can talk all night Until the sun comes up Or we fall asleep Our eyes give up But I […]

Give Me Your Love, I’ll Give You Mine

There isn’t much of a story for this song. Too bad, huh. It was inspired by a title of an old folk song “Give Me Your Love, I’ll Give You Mine”. The rest was just me having fun with a bunch of cheesy ideals. I’ve really been enjoying a kind of older style of song writing lately. It’s fun to try and tell stories that somehow relate to you though they may just be abstraction reflections of the true story/feeling.


When we indulge in the buffet of self pity our day can be quickly ruined. Maybe we feel sorry for ourselves, maybe we feel lonely, maybe we are just angry. It’s days like these where I just can’t wait to go to sleep. Tomorrow could be better and even though it may not be, tomorrow is one step closer.

The Fairest

This song is about the type of girl I want. One who is not obsessed with herself, one who doesn’t live to try and make herself beautiful she just is. She doesn’t need a mirror to tell her so. She’s the type of girl that who, even if the mirror could tell, wouldn’t want to know or care.


This song is pretty much about wrestling with God. I think a problem I have is figuring out how to give up on something when I know I can’t win. How do I give it all to Him? I want to. I try and try but for whatever reason it seems like sometimes I just can’t give up.

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