Category: Songs

Songs are made to be listened to and I like to think someone might want to listen to mine. These are all originals and I hope you enjoy them.

The Fire

I don’t want to walk through the fire Through the fire Walk through the fire alone She tries her best to set me down softly She looks for words she thinks will make it easier Easier I’m on the phone a couple states away her Betraying words leave nothing but a breathing corpse my breathing […]

Awkward Moment

I’ll probably re-record this. It’s pretty rough but it was my only successful take. Lots of words, and pretty hard to sing for me. Hope you enjoy though. I’ve gone and messed it up already Gone and made a fool of me Better that I just keep quiet Don’t say anything It’s like the words […]

Made For Me

Yeah she’s the kind of girl I like Long blonde hair and big green eyes You know, she was made for me She smiles every single day It doesn’t matter what it brings You know, she was made for me When I get home, she’ll be sitting right next to me Rocking on the front […]

When You Know

I know what I’m wanting I know what I’m looking for I can see her in my dreams So I’ll wait till I know for sure My mind paints a picture The kind of life that I want to have I know I’ll know when I see her So I’ll wait till I get that […]

What I Can Provide

I can’t woo you with diamonds Or flatter with pearls But I’ll love you forever, if you’ll be my girl I can’t promise you oceans Things I can’t provide But I’ll love you forever, if you will be mine I’m not the kind of guy with all that money can provide A single wide is […]

I Know You’re Happy

I see the ring on your finger I see the smile in your eyes I know you’re happy He makes you happy I know you’re happy tonight I see your smile in the pictures Can’t help but see them sometimes I know you’re happy He makes you happy I know you’re happy tonight And I […]

Somehow You’re Gone

I loose my heart Loose my mind Every time I wonder why Somehow you’re gone Hold back tears or let them fall Like a wondering waterfall Somehow you’re gone I’m hating the news that reached my ears Praying that somehow you weren’t near I’m hoping that you were somewhere else all along I’m praying that […]

Peasant Clothes

She’s a princess noone knows Dressed in a peasants clothes Lets the dust lie on her face No make up for her today Lost for a prince to find A dirty face but brilliant mind True love will see his queen For her and not her things Nobody cares Nobody knows Whether she’ll live to […]


Not even trying she stole my heart And I never it got it back I never get it back no Some sort of thief in an angels gown Put a ransom on my heart A captive forever now she’s untouchable My fickle mind jumps from place to place Trying to forget, trying to erase the […]

The AT Girl

As pretty as the flower blooming in the spring She smiles with her eyes, that says everything Sweet as the juice from a honey suckle vine As brave as the bear, with an independent mind Two thousand miles is a long way For a pretty little girl Walking from georgia, up to Maine I met […]

The Girl Up in a Tree

In the mountains of Western Carolina I found her up high in a tree As pure as the dew in the morning As pretty as the autumn leaves I asked her ma’m are you a damsel Distressed by the height of the tree I’m waiting for my knight to find me Was how she responded […]

Til I Met You

Wild as the storm that’s raging Black bears caught in cages Bar fights, the law’s a chasing you Wild as that shot of whiskey That J├Ąger never missed me The heart of a man til it met you I’d stay up all night Run from the law through the morning light Oh Oh til I […]


I carved her name in a maple tree Hoping someday maybe we could be Heading out west made a mess of me Home sweet home put me on my feet Carolina, I’m going home to Carolina Carolina, Home Sweet Home, Carolina The dust bowl kinda had it’s way with me People sometimes can be so […]