Category: Songs

Songs are made to be listened to and I like to think someone might want to listen to mine. These are all originals and I hope you enjoy them.


Your love is a hurricane to my summer All of my love taken by you You moved though me , like a knife through butter Heaven help, at least your here too Ohh ohh ohh ohh At least your here too The words that I know, each word that I say Sit back watch you […]


You are the apple of my eye You are the one who always ties a knot and makes Things like love so complicated You are the wind beneath my wings These cliches take everything and make our love Our love so complicated La La La…… You always make love so complicated You are the mountain […]

Me Without You

It feels so perfect when we’re together It just makes sense to me When we’re apart I feel the stormy weather And it’s raining down on me When I’m alone I know there’s something missing When I’m alone I just can’t help but think Do you think about me Anytime when I’m without you Cause […]

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