On Buying Boats

Well my first year kayaking has resulted in the purchase of 4 boats. A Dagger Redline, a Liquid Logic Remix 59, a Wave Sport Project X 64, and a Wave Sport Diesel 80. I bought 3 used boats and 1 brand new boat, sold 1 boat and should be selling the next one this Saturday. […]

The Mighty River

There is something about being on the river that thrills my soul. The respect that you have to pay it knowing that it at anytime it has the power to take your life. At the present moment the biggest river I have paddle is the Ocoee, but there has not been a single time even […]

Kokatat Ronin PFD

The Kokatat Ronin PFD is the first PFD I bought, and the only one I have had. I absolutely love this PFD. It’s a front entry PFD and very buoyant. It has full spin protection as well as having rib protection. I find the PFD to be super comfy, and not at all restrictive. Honestly, […]

Nantahala Cascades Release

This year was the first scheduled release of the upper Nantahala River. That means the cascades were running. There were a ton of people determined to run this section. It was like the shuttles never stopped. This was the first time I ever saw class IV – V creeking in action and it was awesome. […]

The Ocoee

The Ocoee is the next step for beginners, and it is definitely a next step. This river has been the most fun of all the rivers I have ever paddled. Which isn’t saying much. I have maybe been on the river 10 times, but I like to think my 10th time on the river was […]

Learning to Hip Snap

Bill met me down at the Finger Lake one evening to see how the boat fit me. When I showed him my “roll”, he decided he’d better teach me how to properly do it. He pulled me to the side and in about 4ft of water and told me to grab his hands roll and […]

The First Roll

The Liquid Logix Remix was the first boat I ever tried to roll. I hadn’t bought the boat yet and the owner, Bill Hester, didn’t have a problem letting me borrow it for a day or two to see if I liked it. I decided I would take it down to the finger lake on […]

My First Boats

When I decided I was going to get into paddling I did a ton of research on boats, and which boat would be the best river runner for a beginner, but one I wouldn’t grow out of too quickly. I also had to factor in the fact that I am a 6’4″ 185-90lbs tall and […]

A First for the First

This is my first year paddling, and it sure won’t be my last…as long as I am able that is. It’s been the most fun hobby that I have ever decided to try. There is something about it. The mental game that you play while you are on the water, or under the water in […]

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