Birth Right

Dear Wof, Have you ever thought about how much birth plays into who we are, how we think, and what we become? I was born handsome, humble, and down right studdly. We can’t all be so lucky. On top of that I was born an MPWK (Mostly Privileged White Kid). I had to work for […]

Can’t Sleep

Dear Wof, I can’t sleep, and it’s for one reason. If only it was because I was thinking about you. But nope, don’t have that kind of time. Instead, I have 2 out of 4 paws pressing into my back. That’s failing by school standards, but Gentri doesn’t mind at all. She’s perfectly content with […]

White Substances

Dear Wof, I have a funny story for you! Yes, you’re going to laugh. This morning I woke up. If I hadn’t it would be safe to assume that I would be incapable of writing this. Well I guess I could have awoken a zombie, in which case I would still be incapable. But that […]

The Human Heart

Dear Wof, I used to dream of falling in love. No, not the wet kind. The pure innocent kind, a happily ever after. I could see myself sleeping with a beautiful blonde. No, not you and get your mind out of the gutter. I was just holding her, that’s not to say clothing wasn’t optional. […]

The Brain Status Model

Dear Wof, When I was in sixth grade, I got one step closer to learning what it took to be cool. How? Well by learning what it took to not be. When you are dubbed “Brain” followed by a numeral(which means a number, like Brain 1, Brain 2, etc.) then you’ve most certainly learned how […]

A Saying

Dear Wof, I have a saying. Do you know what I do with it? I say it. Imagine that. A saying you say. Yep, border line genius. It goes like this. Drum roll please. Dadadadadadaddadada. Is that how you write a drum roll? Did the stutter throw you off. That lone double d. Yep, on […]

Dear Wof

Dear Wof, An idea has come to me. Imagine that, cognitive functions A-Okay. Anyways, I’m going to share our letters to the world! Why? Because it’s a better alternative than trying to take it over. And it’s going to make us me MILLIONS of $$$$$$$. Readers will be dying to know all about our one-sided […]

Letters to Wof

Wof is the World’s Okayest Friend, she may have started out as a real person but I’m not sure she is anymore. She’s just Wof, and well that’s as okay as it gets. I write her letters, she doesn’t respond, so I write her more letters. It’s most likely because she exists on a plain […]

Aloe Vera (Cheeseface Part II)

The cheese-faced Gentri lays on Sadies dog bed. Perfectly quiet and unnoticed. Undeterred from her cheesesteak fiasco. Satisfied with the greasy goodness she shoveled into her belly. Perfectly quiet, undeterred, and unnoticed… Tim may be the only one in the office who cares about the potted plants. I’m lead to believe this because without him, […]

Philly Cheesesteak

Sonny’s Original Cheesesteaks is my co-workers favorite food truck. He gets one every week. He told me that biting into a one is pretty much a religious experience. It’s steak grilled and covered with cheesy goodness, onions, and mushrooms. I’ve had one, and though religious experience might be a little far fetched. It’s more like […]

Lady Gentri

Said (Gin-Tree) It wasn’t expected. Not at all. I don’t know why I was stuck on getting a Vizsla next. It just seemed like the right breed. I’ve been doing research on them ever since Bobby died. I didn’t expect to get one anytime soon, but after seeing @mywhiskeygirl I thought I’d search craigslist for […]

Sad endings…new beginnings

Sad endings…Bobby’s food bowl sits full in my closet…I haven’t the heart to empty it yet. His collar has become my key chain, I like having it around. It still smells like him. I miss having him greet me when I come home. To open the door, see his startled faces as he wakes up, […]

So Handsome

I sit in the floor of Four Paws Veterinary Office. Bobby’s chest barely raises. I stroke his side. “You’re so handsome, Bubba…so handsome.” I tell him that like I always do. He’s a handsome fella and I like to remind him of it. He tries to lift his head. You can see confusion in his […]

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