When the Trail Disappears

Alaska has been pretty cool. If I told you I’ve been a little disappointed with it for the most part would you believe me? Not with the Aurora(definitely not with that) nor the driving but with the “wild” part. I expected the whole state to continue feeling wilder but when I left Fairbanks I felt […]

A Conversation with a Stranger

I’m sitting in Starbucks. This is normal. I go there to work and get a mocha with 1/2 the flavor. Then an older man asks “Can you watch my computer?” “Sure.” I say and he goes off to the restroom. This is normal. When he comes back, the computer is just like he left it […]


This is what I’ve been waiting for!!! It’s is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! This is the first time I have seen it! I was taking a pit stop and photographing some mountains and all of a sudden the sky starts dancing. I followed suit. Grinning from ear to ear, jumping […]

My Tacoma Camper Home

The newer Toyota Tacoma’s make fantastic homes. I’ve finally got mine the way I want it, and can ‘t think of anything I’d change. It’s warm, comfortable, and private. Open the windows for a nice breeze. Blackout curtains so you can sleep in. Battery powered LED rope lights that use minimal power. A charger to […]

So…What now?

“I’m driving to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to see the Northern Lights.” That’s been my goal for some 50 days now. It’s the first leg of a journey that has never really had a solid plan, just a guideline. I’m hit a little bit with the “what now?” feeling. It’s finished, what do I do? What […]

Fairbanks, Barbee, and Bob

Free. If I had to use one word to describe Alaska that’s the one I’d pick. People come here to be free. To do whatever they want be it good or bad. I’m at the coffee shop because I’m utterly exhausted from the drive. When I got to Alaska I had a long text from […]

4 Days to Fairbanks

4 Days Ago…(5 now) I left Missoula. I want to stay, but with the weekend coming I am really looking forward to the road. No work, just white lines, mountains, and beautiful places. I’m going to drive to Seattle and take the ferry to Ketchikan, Alaska. Seattle is only 6-7 hours away and I’ve contacted […]

Fish, Solitude, and Pictures of Snakes

I woke up beside the creek where I caught more fish than I’ve ever caught on a fly pole…“ROD!”…I mean fly rod. They were big! See pictures ;) and I missed just as many as I caught. The point is I caught some fish! The creek is small. Maybe 15 feet wide and not even […]

When You Get To Bozeman

Let me be honest, I’m having a hard time. It’s not the living in the truck, that couldn’t be more enjoyable. And it’s not the loneliness, I have had some of the most wonderful days in the past two weeks! Between the mountain goats, Hyalite Canyon, new friends, a flattering article and some emails it […]

The Fisherman and the Fly Pole

I bought a fishing license when I got to Bozeman, MT. I dunno why exactly apart from just wanting to learn to fly fish and feeling like I’d be here long enough to try. I’m going to Alaska, and it feels like it would be a sin to not fish there. I’ve fished before, but […]

Mountain Goats on Sacajawea Peak

It’s 3:00pm. I’m sore from sitting and staring at the computer. I’ve made some progress today, and I think it’s time for some time outside. I search “Hikes Near Bozeman” I’ve explored Hyalite Canyon pretty good. At least as much as I’d like with only day hikes. Hyalite is breathtaking, but there are some more […]

Conflicts with Fear and Loneliness

I go into Walmart to walk around. Meander. I don’t need anything. I walk the whole store except the isles designated for the ladies. I go from the toy section, to the outdoors, to the automotives, and to the electronics. “Honestly, do you ever get lonely or afraid?” I’ve been asked that a few times […]

Insert Awe Here

Drip, Drip, Drip. I’m watching the rain fall down from a coffee shop. I’m thankful for the rain. It makes it easier to work. Wyoming has been beautiful and I haven’t even scratched the surface. I’ve been on one hike in the Grand Tetons, driven through Yellowstone, and visited Dubois. I find that the more […]

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