Spending Time

I walk into Best Buy. There is so much technology. So many things to want, to wish for. Most of these products are fueled by entertainment. I feel want as I pick up gadgets that I’ve never seen before: virtual reality, drones, games, and tablets. I have no intentions to buy, but I have fleeting […]

Converting a Van : Getting Started

We are all different. We each have different needs and wants. We have our own ideas and well since there are a lot of us, there are A LOT of ideas. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a blank canvas in front of you so let me give you a little advice. Don’t […]

A Truck for a Van

You must be crazy! That was the tone in the first of many responses to my idea of selling my paid off 2013 Tacoma for a quirky 2007 Chevy Express which I broke the second day I had it! Rabbit Trail: You see it had this old heater in the back. It didn’t work. So […]

South to Montana

I think it’s time to go, Restlessness in my bones, My heart is saying, It’s time to leave It’s almost summer in Alaska. I’ve been told countless times that you have to stay for the summer. That’s why people live in Alaska. You don’t leave when it’s just days away! And yet, here I am […]

Purchase Addiction

I have an addiction. I’ve been noticing it more and more lately. It’s not facebook at the moment. I think I’ve got that one under control. It’s consumerism. I feel the need to buy things in order to feel a little more fulfilled. I have a list of items(gear,equipment,etc) that if I can get I […]

The Log Out

My mind has been all over the map. Reevaluating goals, life, and all those fun things that come with feeling directionless. But maybe directionless isn’t really how I’ve been feeling. In order to breathe I logged out of Facebook. It’s not that I don’t want to see the people that I love so much, it’s […]

Too Many Options

There are too many options. Too many things pulling me in too many directions. I’m discovering that I say yes way to often. That I have way too many ideas(I’ve know that for sometime). I want to do everything. To take every opportunity, but it’s not possible. I’m seeing that a lot with work. I […]

A 6.4 Grizzly

I’m walking through the woods in the Alaskan back country. There’s a trail but I’m not 100% sure where we are or what it’s called. It’s just me, my buddy, some chick, Bobby and Freija. I have no idea who the girl was. Anyhow, my buddy sits back for a minute with his dog. I […]

The Accidental Pick Up Line

This is really a pointless story but in my mind it’s kind of funny so I decided to write it down: It’s new years eve, so Tyler and I hit the town. Anchorage is supposed to be having a celebration of some sort. We walk around through crowds of people. They are all going the […]

Never Come Back Again

I’m sitting in Starbucks, as usual this time of day, a song catches my attention which is unusual. Starbucks music is hit or miss here. One day, I swear they played the entire Fantasia soundtrack. All I could think about were hippos dancing in pink tutus. I wouldn’t normally get up and ask them to […]

How to see the Northern Lights in Alaska

The Aurora Borealis is always there but you don’t just walk outside and see it. It appears, disappears, and reappears again. Some nights it’s more alive than others. Many people come to Alaska and never catch a glimpse of it. Others see it without realizing that they have. Knowing how to plan for it and […]

The Divorce of a Dreamer

“You’re living the dream.” I hear that a lot. And yeah, this is my dream, at least the start of it. It’s a bit surreal honestly. I’m in Alaska! ALASKA! There’s snow everywhere. I can go sledding anytime I want. Explore ice caves. Conquer mountains, or at least try. It’s better than any Narnia. But […]

Dang (The Good Kind)

Truth be told I’m a little embarrassed. You see I love writing silly love songs. I’ve written a bunch but they are nothing to brag about. I haven’t shared this one yet because, well, honestly I don’t want to loose any readers. Silly reason huh? I think too much about that stuff. The internet is […]

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