Darkness on the Granite Tors Trail

Darkness comes early in Fairbanks. We’re 6 miles from the truck, looking for a snow covered trail on a mountain that’s completely white. We’re not lost but the trail is gone, at least for the moment. We know it’s somewhere on this ridge, and walk back an forth looking for signs of it. No worries, […]

Hiking the Crow Pass National Historic Trail

It gets dark around 7:30pm now. I’m packing, trying to get everything ready for tomorrow’s hike. I’m going to camp at Eagle River to ensure that I get an early start. If I can get there before the sunsets, I’ll be able to hike a mile or two and make tomorrow a little shorter. I’m […]

Thoughts on Chris McCandless and Adventure

Not everyone is capable of understanding and that’s OK. None of us are alike in the way we think or live our lives. I believe our differences are what make the world interesting. Some of us are made to live a quiet lives while others are made to rule kingdoms. Some are made to walk […]

Hiking the Stampede Trail to the Magic Bus

It’s dark when I reach the trail head which is as far as I can drive on Stampede Road. I make camp in the truck bed near 8mile lake. It’s cold. I’m testing my gear before I go. Bobby and I squeeze into a bivy sack. This sleeping bag isn’t warm enough, so I switch […]

A Walk in the Snow

You could easily disappear in Alaska. DriveĀ  a few minutes outside of Anchorage and the wild is at your fingertips. I hike up pioneer ridge to find the snow progressively getting deeper. It’s almost 2 feet deep in places and that’s as deep of snow as I’ve really every been in; apart from the blizzard […]

An Alaskan Winter

I step out onto the back porch and know I’ve made the right choice. Snow already covers the mountains and soon it will cover the ground. “I want to have a real winter!” I’ve been saying that for the past few months. More importantly I want develop some mountaineering & back country skills. Two weeks […]

An Unbalanced Force

Disclaimer: It’s heavy. This isn’t a post you want to read, it’s not filled with adventure and pretty pictures. It’s filled with thoughts and things that normal people don’t talk about. Things that some may interpret poorly and say, “You need to go to counseling”. Is it bad that I’m already dreading the Christian comments […]

When the Trail Disappears

Alaska has been pretty cool. If I told you I’ve been a little disappointed with it for the most part would you believe me? Not with the Aurora(definitely not with that) nor the driving but with the “wild” part. I expected the whole state to continue feeling wilder but when I left Fairbanks I felt […]

A Conversation with a Stranger

I’m sitting in Starbucks. This is normal. I go there to work and get a mocha with 1/2 the flavor. Then an older man asks “Can you watch my computer?” “Sure.” I say and he goes off to the restroom. This is normal. When he comes back, the computer is just like he left it […]


This is what I’ve been waiting for!!! It’s is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! This is the first time I have seen it! I was taking a pit stop and photographing some mountains and all of a sudden the sky starts dancing. I followed suit. Grinning from ear to ear, jumping […]

My Tacoma Camper Home

The newer Toyota Tacoma’s make fantastic homes. I’ve finally got mine the way I want it, and can ‘t think of anything I’d change. It’s warm, comfortable, and private. Open the windows for a nice breeze. Blackout curtains so you can sleep in. Battery powered LED rope lights that use minimal power. A charger to […]

So…What now?

“I’m driving to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to see the Northern Lights.” That’s been my goal for some 50 days now. It’s the first leg of a journey that has never really had a solid plan, just a guideline. I’m hit a little bit with the “what now?” feeling. It’s finished, what do I do? What […]

Fairbanks, Barbee, and Bob

Free. If I had to use one word to describe Alaska that’s the one I’d pick. People come here to be free. To do whatever they want be it good or bad. I’m at the coffee shop because I’m utterly exhausted from the drive. When I got to Alaska I had a long text from […]

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