Rodents and High Places

It seems the chipmunks are the friendliest critters around. They are everywhere, and fast as lightning when they want to be. The squirrels have little man syndrome most times. Did I say that before? They bark and make crazy noises at you when you pass by. Pika’s a cute cuddly hamsters. Though I’m sure you […]

Public Showers, Ramen, and Sprinklers

I’m so thankful for my shower today. It had been a few since I had one. The one shower with a curtain was taken and the locker room is full of people. Yeah, this kind of thing makes me uncomfortable. So I sit and wait for the only shower with a stall. Some public showers […]

Beautiful Sites, Beautiful People

So often we watch the evening news and see all the bad things happening. People killing, fighting, politicians being devious, and any bad sort of thing you can and can’t image. What a poor representation of the world. Sure there are bad people, but there are some amazing people as well. The road I travel […]

The Truth About Autumn – A Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a mother and a father. Earth as we know it was very different then. It was always green, full of life, and each day was 72˚ with a light breeze and cloudless blue skies. The days were as beautiful as the mother. Time flowed a rate that was neither […]

My First 14er – Mt. Elbert

I’m tired today and having a hard time focusing on work. Maybe I need a nap. I start looking for dispersed camping near Leadville again. Here’s a spot near twin lakes that is supposed to have a beautiful view. Perfect. I plug in the GPS coordinates. On the way to my newly found camping spot […]

James and Nimbus

I’m not sure where I’m going to stay tonight. The coffee shop is closed and my camping spot permit is up. Should I stay somewhere else? I start looking up information about how to camp for free. I mean really, I’m just parking my truck and sleeping in it. I don’t build fires, and I […]

A Little Less Convenience

I’m sitting in the campground. Kids are laughing, couples are playing frisbee, and I’m here feeling exceptionally good. I still think too much but life feels peaceful somehow. I don’t have the conveniences I normally have. It costs $5 for a shower, and I’m sleeping in the bed of my truck. I am 6’4″ my […]

Following Thread

Before leaving I met with one of my dearest friends, Wayner. We were discussing my trip and reasons for it. He understood my desire to go but it was so hard to explain. I’m hoping to articulate that in a way that makes sense. I am just driving around semi aimlessly but that’s not exactly […]

Tunnels, Tooth Problems, and Ma-Wayne

There is a tiny knock at my door. “Ma-wayne.” says Gabe. He may be the most articulate 3 year old I’ve ever met. “Let’s go find tunnels.” I put down the computer and join him. He hands me a small flash light that barely produces light but he carries a powerful torch, with strobe settings […]

Bryson City to Arkansas

I’m not sure how these videos will turn out, but I thoroughly enjoyed video logging on the Appalachian Trail so I’ve decided to start again and see how it goes. I can’t help but wish I had started months ago to capture the awe of seeing places(like the Grand Canyon) for the first time. Regardless, […]

Vague Beginnings

It’s not everyday you turn 31. But today I do. It’s my birthday. Last year, I finished the Appalachian Trail on this day and was headed home. This year, I embark on a somewhat vague trip to Alaska. A walkabout of sorts. I say vague because it’s really hard to explain the why’s and when’s. […]

Taran the Wanderer

Few books have drawn me in so deeply. Did Mr. Alexander know he would capture me so? I am on the last book of The Chronicles of Prydain and I can’t stop listening. At the same time, I don’t want to finish. Thus, I have made up my mind to start over when I do. […]

Sometimes I Wander

I’ve got the first leg of my trip mapped out. After getting some advice from people who have lived in and visited Alaska. I have decided to meander up to Bellingham, WA. From Bellingham I will take the ferry system to Haines, AK where the second part of my journey will begin. The ferry, as […]

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