Prudhoe Bay

I don’t know how to describe my state of being for the last few years. It’s fluctuated, but I guess that’s to be expected. Extreme ups, extreme downs. Part of our human condition. There’s this feeling I’ve had and it’s one I don’t like. Maybe we all get it. A feeling of unrest, a feeling […]

My Lucy

Loose, Woo-Ha!, Lucy…That’s my dog. My Lucy. She is as spacey as can be but loves me endlessly. Sometimes I wonder why. She hiked the Appalachian Trail with me, guards my home, and always greets me with an outstretched tongue and one ear awkwardly folded to the side. We have communication issues. I tell her […]

Wake Up Little Susie

My dad is a big burly man. If you shake his hand yours will most likely be swallowed by his sausage like fingers. He is as tough as a pine knot and hard as hickory. He walks slowly and is not afraid to smile. A hard day of work is like candy for his soul. […]

May I Not Forget How Small I Am

Dearest readers, I am flattered and honored that you would read my posts or that you would even open them. Sometimes I fear that I am letting you down by my lack of adventuring. Is it weird to feel obligated to travel, to feel like I need to go on an adventure? I love doing […]

Fort Dodgeball

We all have special memories of childhood friends. I hate the thought that one day I might loose them. This story is about one of my brothers best friends and our fort dodge ball escapades.

Thinking Days

I thought it would be fun to read my post. Partly because I’m not a great reader but also because I thought it might be more personal. Let me know what you think. Don’t feel obligated to listen though. I did it in one take so it’s not perfect. Just human. :) Ben walks into […]

Tears in the Outfield

I was an athletic kid but I would choke if I had time to think during a crucial moment. I played little league growing up, and usually made the all star team. I loved the outfield, primarily because I was scared of the infield but also because I loved to make diving catches. One game […]

Chicken Placebo

I went to the grocery store the other day. I go quite frequently because I only buy one frozen meal at a time. I picked up a bag of frozen chicken. I usually don’t think much about frozen chicken but I squeezed the bag as if I were checking the freshness of fruit. It squished. […]

The Beauty of Interaction

The last few days have really felt good. They have been full of conversation and wonderful people. My typical day is not like that and I often forget how meeting people can be so refreshing. I’m a nerd, so I stare at the computer 80% of the time I’m at work. The other 20% is […]

A Friend Like Susan

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival. ~C.S Lewis, The Four Loves Good friends are hard to find. A friend like Susan is even harder. We were in the same class at Mars Hill College and met at […]

I Know Who I Will Marry

I know who I will marry She’s beautiful and kind She loves me every single day I have no doubt in mind I know who I will marry She loves me when I’m mad She cleans, and cooks, and reads me books And holds me when I’m sad I know who I will marry She […]

Mountain Blue Bird

She is the Mountain Bluebird That soars the western skies Her name rightfully¬†telling Of songs she sings in flight Of mountains for the vista And blue for it’s her love A bird with endless freedom To see the world above She is the Mountain Bluebird Flyin’ freely in the skies Never would I cage her […]

Biscuits with a Vagabond

I woke up early. It’s Saturday. I rarely wake up early. I feel great. I think I’m going to go to Waynesville but I’m not 100% sure. I get in my car with Bobbo, said Bob-O. Maybe I should just spell it like that. Just a quarter-mile or so from my house is a bridge […]

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