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Day 10,958 or Day 96

Today was my dad’s and my birthday! Today I turned 30! Today I finished the the Appalachian Trail from GA to ME! It was a big and exciting day. I am so thankful for it and it will always be very special. Thank you all so much for following me on my journey! It’s been […]

Day 92-95

Day 92 Day 93 Day 94 Day 95 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlCxilZGM3w

Day 84-91

I was on the verge of breaking down with Lucy but…I feel so blessed. 5 days left until I summit….at least that’s the plan and I am so excited. These last 20 days have been the hardest for me. Lucy was a real trooper and I was a stressed out ass. Taking a dog thru […]

Quick Update

220 miles left. Don’t have much time for a blog post but got lots of videos. Hardest days are coming up but wanted to let everyone know I’m moving right along. Things are going much better than they were :) even with the rain. I fell 3 times in the last 2 days. Once in […]

Day 81-84

Today’s been a pretty disappointing day, but had some time to make some updates so I figured I would. Anyhow, I’ll let you watch some videos. End of Day 81 Day 82 Day 83 Yep…I Fell Day 84

Day 80-81

Day 80 Stopping Early Day 81 Lost In Determination Moosilauke Check out this bubble too http://on.bubb.li/210998aovdij14yuf0pac2l

Day 75-79

Today is day 79. Service isn’t too good up north. It’s been a pretty good day but it’s raining and Lucy just tripped me. I had to stop to cool off. It really made me mad. She has done so good for the past week and now we are doing less work and she is […]

Day 73-74

Getting closer every day….well I guess I have been for a while now. Really enjoying Vermont, though it is appropriately nicknamed Vermud. Day 73 Day 74 Here’s a bubble for you guys. Didn’t turn out that great though. http://on.bubb.li/210998aqtogvxwzqa6z8xrn Cooking on the Trail Everyone has their method. This is mine and it works really well. […]

Day 67-72

Day 67 Day 68 Day 69 Day 70 Day 71 Day 72

Day 60-66

Wow it’s been a long time. It’s been really busy ironically. At least to the point where between not being soaking wet, eating, having cell phone service, resupplying, hiking and sleeping I just haven’t had time for much. Today I caught up to Pnuemo and we had a brief lapse of sun which allowed us […]

Day 57-59

It’s been nice to start feeling better. Going from a headache that made it near impossible to hike, to normal sized days. Well it’s pretty darn rocky, that slows you down a little. Day 57 Day 58 Day 59

Day 54-56 – Trail Fun

Day 54 Rattlesnake That’s Embarassing Day 56 It’s one thing to get bitten by a tick. That’s happened plenty. It’s quite another to have a rash appear 7-9 days later after the bite already went away, lymph nodes swell, and all of a sudden be struck with a fever, diarrhea, a constant, and extreme fatigue […]

Day 51-53

I’m over halfway done!!! Hard to believe. The last few days have been hard but I have a much needed zero approaching :) Day 51 Day 52 Day 53