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Day 48-50

Day 48 Day 49 Day 50 Harpers Ferry Weaverton Cliff Lightning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmkygvrpjFs

Day 47

Full as a Tick Disclaimer: it’s a little gross :) A Funny Lunch

Day 44-46

Day 44 – Waynesboro Day 45 Loft Mountain Wayside Lions, tigers, and…. …Bears! Day 46 Part 1 Part 2

Day 40-43

Day 40 Day 41 Day 42 Day 43 Oatmeal Packets are actually quite good. Trail Magic Pretty Views

Day 37-39

Day 37 – A Peer Pressure 40 Day 39 I’d venture to say this has been my favorite day so far. I definitely plan on hiking this section again in the future. It’s beautiful. Lots of videos :) McAfee Knob Tinker Cliffs A Raven Daleville, VA

Day 33-36

Day 33 Day 34 Day 36 – Wood’s Hole and Something New So I’ve lost almost 20 lbs!!!! :( Not to happy about that but I can run like a mad man now. I also just found out a honey bun is 470 calories and I ate 3 of them today, along with 2 burgers […]

Day 29 – Damascus

Pretty sure I got NORO. The bane of the AT. It wasn’t fun, but made for a good story. At least a unique one. Anyhow I’m feeling much much better. Been trying to rehydrate and get some food in me today. I couldn’t eat at all yesterday really. Some pancakes and some saltines was pretty […]

Day 27-28

Really glad John was able to come hike for a couple of days. Ended up having a great shelter crew for 2 nights too! Hiked 22.7miles to Abingdon Gap Shelter. Woke up with a terrible stomach ache and walked 10 miles to Damascus, VA. Glad to be feeling better now for sure. TN-VA State Line […]

Day 22-26

Been awhile but I got some videos for you all. Day 22 – Erwin Day 23 Day 24 Day 26

Day 20-21

Day 20 Day 21 I should be in Erwin, TN tomorrow for a resupply. Hopefully there’s some good stuff there. I’ve been eating really good, probably some of the best dinners I’ve ever eatin or at least made for myself…it’s pretty hard to beat the Filling Station for lunch though. Haha

Day 19

Made it to Spring Mountain Shelter mile 284.9 today. I had an awesome time in Hot Springs with Ben, Stephen, and TJ. TJ gave me an MRE and I had it for dinner tonight. It was really good. Anyhow, hoping for a beautiful day tomorrow bc it looks bad for Monday and Tuesday.

Day 15-18

Day 15 Day 16 Day 17 – Max Patch Make sure you check out this bubble: http://on.bubb.li/210998aeg42spni88v43y0l Day 18 – Hot Springs