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Day 12-14

Don’t have much time to write, but wanted to share some video updates. :) Day 12 Day 13 Day 14

Day 11

Walked from NOC to Brown Fork Gap Shelter. That’s about 16 miles, it was really challenging because the first 6 are up hill, and you end with a pretty good uphill right after Stecoah Gap. Someone left us some apples! I love apples. Got some new shoes. Way better! The rigidness of my others was […]

Day 10 – Bryson City

Took my first zero in my hometown, just wanted to share it with all the hikers out there. Bryson City is a great place for a zero!!!

Day 8-9

Didn’t get to update while I was in town so I’m going to post several more vids. Hope you enjoy. Hiking up to Wayah A Cold Night Day 9

Day 5-7

Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 It’s hard to peck out these letters on a screen littered with drop of water. I will keep this short. All I can think is Gandalf can’t you do something about this deluge. It’s wet! Still awesome but wet. Very thankful mom was in Franklin bc I needed a […]

Day 4

I imagine these posts will get fewer and farther between as I go on. But things are new so it’s really fun. Today kicked my butt pretty hard. Two 20+ mile days in a row. I’m only going 11 tomorrow the I’m going to Hiawassee for the evening. I should be in NC on Sunday […]

Day 3 – Blood Mountain

I’ve done right at 16 miles today. I think I’m going to go a couple more miles further to some campsites. It will be my first night setting up my tent. The shelters are pretty nice just because you can get up and go in the morning. I’m loving this and the weather has been […]

Day 0-1

Having me a nice lunch break at the moment! Great day so far.

Day -1

I wanted to write a quick post before I went to sleep, or at least tried to. The snoring has already begun. Graaah, graaah. I imagine this will be the normal rhythm of the night. I’m super excited though! Today was so stressful and the past weeks have been equally so. Trying to get work […]

The Luxury Item

I’ve been debating on what I should bring. I’m pretty much as minimal as I want to go on gear. My cookset, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, first aid/toiletries and pack weigh a  whopping 20lbs. That’s pretty good I think. Anyhow I keep debating on what item I want to take just for me. […]

Less than A Month

You know it’s almost scary how fast time is moving. January flew by. Did we just skip February? We are already almost 2 weeks into March. Life moves so fast it seems impossible to accomplish every thing that I want to. All this will come to a screeching halt for me in less than a […]

A Short Walk

I’m pretty certain this will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m determined to do it. I guess in this period of realizing how quickly life moves, how quickly life can change, and being provided with the right opportunity I’ve decided to take a little walk from GA to ME. I was raised […]