The Truth About Autumn – A Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a mother and a father. Earth as we know it was very different then. It was always green, full of life, and each day was 72˚ with a light breeze and cloudless blue skies. The days were as beautiful as the mother. Time … [Read more]

Fortune and Fame

How about a shot of whiskey, Just one would do just fine Let's smile and laugh together Play a game, that plane is mine And that one there makes nine. Some seek a fortune Others seek fame I say we're richer In very different ways Let's … [Read more]

My First 14er – Mt. Elbert

I'm tired today and having a hard time focusing on work. Maybe I need a nap. I start looking for dispersed camping near Leadville again. Here's a spot near twin lakes that is supposed to have a beautiful view. Perfect. I plug in the GPS … [Read more]

James and Nimbus

I'm not sure where I'm going to stay tonight. The coffee shop is closed and my camping spot permit is up. Should I stay somewhere else? I start looking up information about how to camp for free. I mean really, I'm just parking my truck and sleeping … [Read more]