Shiver Bivy

I keep an open schedule for moments like these. I’m not much of a planner. You never know when you’ll be biking along and a friend will call you to say “Turn around! We’re at Draught Works.” The next thing you know, you’re on top of a peak shivering in the dark. Who would want […]

The Measure of Things

We are not the measure of things, yet so often define ourselves by them. By our nice cars, homes, and commodities. We weigh our pocket books, and yet constantly wish they were fuller. But we are our more than this. If you are like me then on top of that you wish for a spouse, […]

Aloe Vera (Cheeseface Part II)

The cheese-faced Gentri lays on Sadies dog bed. Perfectly quiet and unnoticed. Undeterred from her cheesesteak fiasco. Satisfied with the greasy goodness she shoveled into her belly. Perfectly quiet, undeterred, and unnoticed… Tim may be the only one in the office who cares about the potted plants. I’m lead to believe this because without him, […]

Philly Cheesesteak

Sonny’s Original Cheesesteaks is my co-workers favorite food truck. He gets one every week. He told me that biting into a one is pretty much a religious experience. It’s steak grilled and covered with cheesy goodness, onions, and mushrooms. I’ve had one, and though religious experience might be a little far fetched. It’s more like […]

Lady Gentri

Said (Gin-Tree) It wasn’t expected. Not at all. I don’t know why I was stuck on getting a Vizsla next. It just seemed like the right breed. I’ve been doing research on them ever since Bobby died. I didn’t expect to get one anytime soon, but after seeing @mywhiskeygirl I thought I’d search craigslist for […]

Sad endings…new beginnings

Sad endings…Bobby’s food bowl sits full in my closet…I haven’t the heart to empty it yet. His collar has become my key chain, I like having it around. It still smells like him. I miss having him greet me when I come home. To open the door, see his startled faces as he wakes up, […]

So Handsome

I sit in the floor of Four Paws Veterinary Office. Bobby’s chest barely raises. I stroke his side. “You’re so handsome, Bubba…so handsome.” I tell him that like I always do. He’s a handsome fella and I like to remind him of it. He tries to lift his head. You can see confusion in his […]

Spending Time

I walk into Best Buy. There is so much technology. So many things to want, to wish for. Most of these products are fueled by entertainment. I feel want as I pick up gadgets that I’ve never seen before: virtual reality, drones, games, and tablets. I have no intentions to buy, but I have fleeting […]

Converting a Van : Getting Started

We are all different. We each have different needs and wants. We have our own ideas and well since there are a lot of us, there are A LOT of ideas. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a blank canvas in front of you so let me give you a little advice. Don’t […]

A Truck for a Van

You must be crazy! That was the tone in the first of many responses to my idea of selling my paid off 2013 Tacoma for a quirky 2007 Chevy Express which I broke the second day I had it! Rabbit Trail: You see it had this old heater in the back. It didn’t work. So […]

South to Montana

I think it’s time to go, Restlessness in my bones, My heart is saying, It’s time to leave It’s almost summer in Alaska. I’ve been told countless times that you have to stay for the summer. That’s why people live in Alaska. You don’t leave when it’s just days away! And yet, here I am […]

Purchase Addiction

I have an addiction. I’ve been noticing it more and more lately. It’s not facebook at the moment. I think I’ve got that one under control. It’s consumerism. I feel the need to buy things in order to feel a little more fulfilled. I have a list of items(gear,equipment,etc) that if I can get I […]

The Log Out

My mind has been all over the map. Reevaluating goals, life, and all those fun things that come with feeling directionless. But maybe directionless isn’t really how I’ve been feeling. In order to breathe I logged out of Facebook. It’s not that I don’t want to see the people that I love so much, it’s […]

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