By: Dwayne Parton

Full Moon Paddle

Today was the last day the Nanty was to be released until December for scheduled maintenance on the dam. I went down with a couple of friends and got a few laps in on the falls. This was great because I finally did the Micro to Macro move for the first time. Pretty excited about that. Anyhow, I met a few new people on the river and when we got done we decided that tonight would be a great time for a paddle. We met at 9:15pm and headed up to run the Nanty from Farabee down. I won’t bore you with a story but I will say that if you haven’t paddled under a full moon you should. It’s gorgeous. You can see the white water just glisten in the moon light. It was by far one of the best trips down the Nanty that I have had, it’s crazy how familiar the river is even when you can’t see it.