By: Dwayne Parton

A Little Bit of Rain


For a while there I was beginning to wonder if it would ever stop raining. Every runnable river in WNC was flowing a some point during the last week. At one point the Tuck was right at touching the Everett Street bridge and has still not returned to it’s normal level. Many of the rivers & creeks were just flat out too high for my skill level, so after waiting for the water to subside for a day or two I was finally able to get a few days of paddling in.

![[indiancreekfalls.png]] My first waterfall

Deep Creek was up and running pretty darn good. The heavy rain pushed most of the debris down the river or off too the side which made for a pretty safe and really fun fast run. The water was pushier than really any thing that I had paddled. Strokes didn’t seem to do anything but keep the boat up right. It was a pretty much a long stream of waves with just a few small holes. I managed to run my first waterfall. It was a pretty straight forward slide down the 25ft Indian Creek Falls. There were some strainers at the bottom, so we set some safety to help us stop and get out. Overall, great fun and well worth the almost mile hike in.

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![[lower-santeelah.jpg]] A great time running Lower Santeelah.

The Lower Santeelah was the another new river I got to paddle. It’s a beautiful intro into creeking. There are some ledges, a low head dam, and 2 of the prettiest waves that I’ve ever seen. It’s too bad we lost the GoPro. I’ll let the pictures do the talking but this was a great place to get a small introduction into creeking. Oh and I tried boofing off the dam and was able to achieve(not that it’s an acheivement) my first piton as well as get a few laughs. Apparently, hitting the bottom is not a good thing. haha Guess you got to learn somehow.

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Photos by BAMF Photos.