By: Dwayne Parton

Contour Roam2

Contour Upside Down Side ViewToday i got to try out my new Contour Roam2. So far I love it. I just recently sold my GoPro Hero 2 and bought the Contour Roam2. The GoPro quality is great and it is by all means is a fantastic product but after using it for a season I found it to be a little more cumbersome than I wanted. When it’s on your head it’s weight is very noticeable, and it was hard to know exactly what the camera was doing without looking at the screen. 2 buttons, three beeps, is it recording, I guess/hope so. That really kinda bothered me about the GoPro because I don’t really want to have to fool with a camera while I’m paddling.

Contour Upside Down Front ViewI read many reviews and I’d say that most are pretty accurate. It does seem like people definitely prefer the GoPro but for me the Contour was definitely the best choice. I did stick it back just a little too far on my helmet, but honestly I kinda think it adds some perspective. I would highly recommend the Contour Roam2 for a kayaking helmet cam. Here were some of the main deciding factors for me:

  1. It’s dead simple to use. It’s either on or it’s off. No LCD, no options, and no wasting battery if you aren’t using it.
  2. It’s light and slim, I barely noticed it at all today.
  3. No plastic casing needed to make it waterproof.
  4. It’s still takes great quality video even if the GoPro may be a little better
  5. It has a place for a lanyard. I attached the lanyard to my helmet and it definitely removes some of the fear of loosing the camera.
  6. Let me reiterate: IT’S VERY SIMPLE

Here is today’s footage:

And here is a review that I found really helpful.