By: Dwayne Parton

The Cheoah

![[image.jpg]] The left and center lines on the Bear Creek Falls on the Cheoah taken from American Whitewater.

Today was my first real introduction to a class IV/IV+ river, the Cheoah. It was a non-stop action packed 8+ mile trip. Don’t know that I can even describe it. Ledges, boofs, my first real drop. Iit was both exhilarating & exhausting, always paddling, always boofing, always on the edge of your seat, always fun, that’s a lot of work and I’m sure to be sore in the morning. Anyhow, here are the last 10 minutes of the river from Bear Creek Falls to the lake. Bear Creek Falls has several lines, I choose to run the drop since it would be my first real drop at 12′ or so. Oh and apparently that was the easier line of the two options I was given. The part right after the falls was the most intense part. At 8min 10sec I had one of my best boofs ever(that’s not saying much but it was good for me).