By: Dwayne Parton


![[highwater.jpg]] Nantahala Falls at 3600cfs!!!

You know it’s ironic, when I was a kid kayaking was one of those foreign things I made fun of because I didn’t understand it. When I got to college I seem to recall saying I’d never do that. Now, it’s been one of the most life changing experiences I’ve ever had. There are no words to explain why the river can completely transform a person. Maybe, it’s because once you are on it there is no turning back, you are at it’s mercy, and that can be terrifying and beautiful. It will take you to places and experiences that you’ve never seen, but you have to be willing to put on. This all powerful substance gives life and takes away life, and always demands respect. How similar is the journey with our heavenly father. We get on the river that is life, we paddle till we can’t, and then we paddle more. Blessed are those who learn to roll back up when they fall, and blessed are the ones who don’t worry about the rapids ahead. Praise the lord for the river, and for the vessel in which we can navigate it!!!!