By: Dwayne Parton

NOC Wave Round 2

So I went back to the NOC wave for some redemption from the last time I was there. Well, I thought I might as well go big for me and try a loop on my first go, I went in and everything seemed to have some pretty good success. I even came up in the hole, which was slightly unexpected since I have only tried a couple loops in my entire kayaking career. Then I got window shaded, not a big deal, just rolled with it and came up. There was something funny though about how I rolled up…I was vertical….and wet, really wet, as a matter of fact my boat was sunk….haha…How fitting, well at least I didn’t swim in the hole, which doesn’t seem no where near as bad now. I paddled my swamped boat as close as I could to the eddy on river left below the bridge. Jumped out and pushed the boat in. It was really funny for me and, I’m sure, everyone watching.

So here is my fix. Apparently it’s not beach ball season in Bryson City right now: