By: Dwayne Parton

Don't Finish Like You Start

Today was the third time I ran the Cascades. It proved to be just as exciting as [my first and second]( "The Cascades"). The Horns proved to once again be a rapid where I could not hit the line. I’m just missing it. Today I got a little wigged out by the guy in front of me. I thought I had given him enough space but I hadn’t or I went a lot faster than him. I went to the right of the horns only to find him sitting in the eddy below. This is where I went wrong as I stared at him and his boat and flopped into the water. Didn’t hit my head, but it’s definitely shallow there. So one lesson was reinforced: **Don’t stare at the obstacle**. \*\*\*Better yet: ***Look where you want to go.*** Thanks for the tip Beakers Bro.\*\*\*

When I rolled up I turned to see Allen upside down at the top of the falls. All I could think was “this is not good”, but he managed to flip upright and make it down the falls. He had gotten stern squirted in the hole which is right before the horns. What a way to start for both of us!

The next bit was not so pretty either, for me at least. There really is no warm up at the cascades, it’s just right to the big stuff. I kept bumping into rocks and missing easy lines. Luckily I got those little things all worked out in the small rapids before Big Kahuna. I felt like I redeemed myself there. I missed both holes!!! Yay!!! And now the line makes so much more sense. Maybe it’s because I didn’t realize I was in the rapid until I saw the first hole.

Chinese feet was interesting too, I went really deep. Same line I did the first two times, just more water. I could feel the water crashing on my stern and back which was an interesting feeling. It’s amazing in those split seconds, your senses are just ridiculous. It seems like so much time, when really it’s just a half second.

Overall it was a great time! I’m glad we didn’t finish like we started. :D Still for me that’s my limit on creeking. I’m just not good enough yet. It’s not a matter of staying up right, it’s a matter of hitting my lines. My lines are hit and miss and I don’t like that at all. I got the run on film, hope you enjoy!!!!

The flow was actually between 350-400cfs. The water wasn’t completely down when I read the gauge. The video is also blocked on mobile bc of the song I used. : If you want to see more photos check them out here.