By: Dwayne Parton

Pick Your Poison Weekend

The Ocoee just finished its last commercial release this past Sunday but don’t let that slow you down. This upcoming weekend is going to be a fantastic one to paddle, or at lease watch some paddling. Here are 3 great options to help you get the most out of it. So pick your poison.

  1. The Green Race – Guts, Carnage, & Glory

I’ve waited all year for this race. It’s just a great time. Hike into the Narrows, watch some great paddling, and if you are lucky you will get a glimpse of some seldom seen carnage[sarcasm]. It’s going to be a great time, and if it’s your first time make sure you read the 7 Things to Know Before You Go to the Green

  1. Tallulah (500 – 700 CFS)

November 2 & 3 are the first of the fall releases for Tallulah. The Class IV-V river contains the famous Oceana slide. This gem doesn’t run often and would be an awesome river to paddle. Read More Here

  1. Cheoah (1000 CFS)

I think I have come to determine that this is my favorite river so far. It’s a constant Class IV-V river that is always exciting. 1000 CFS is the big release but it’s the best release too. I couldn’t find a really great video of the Cheoah so here is my first time down. I was pretty high on adrenaline then, at the time it was the biggest thing I had paddled. Read More Here.

Update: Here is a really sweet video of the Cheoah. It’s not running 11/3/13 :(

Bonus: Pick Any Two

As for me I am going to go watch some awesome paddling at the Green, and then going to go and enjoy the Cheoah. Don’t miss out on this weekend it’s going to be a great one for whitewater.