By: Dwayne Parton

The Tallulah River

Well, it’s the morning after and my body is really really sore. I pulled some kind of muscle in my shoulder and well yesterday was quite an exciting trip.

Steps, Steps, and More Steps

The first and possibly hardest part are the steps. There are tons of steps. By the time you make it to the bottom you will want to spend plenty to time recuperating.


This is the biggest rapid I’ve paddled to date. I’ve wanted to do the middle line from the beginning. Partly because it looks awesome, but also because I feel like with the middle line you really get to enjoy the rapid.

Tit for Tat

Ok so next time I’m going to read the warning label before I causally drop into a rapid.

At higher flows (700 cfs) the hole at the base of the slide gets pretty beefy. ~American Whitewater

This was my first time really getting stuck in a hole.