By: Dwayne Parton

Not For a Moment

So I’m sitting here, feeling sorry for myself, not wanting to work, and watching my motivation dissipate. Not that I had that much to begin with. I don’t have a real good reason to feel this way. I just do. It happens every now and again but I think that’s normal. There is this a part of me that’s complaining, “I just need break”….Let’s face it, everyone wants a break and too many breaks are what caused my stress to begin with.

So this me taking another break and looking for motivation. The good news is I found some inspiration which will undoubtedly create motivation for a little while. It has, at least, successfully motivated me to write this.

Let’s start by looking at right now. Now is a pretty small portion of our lives, a blink, but sometimes it’s all we can focus on. If we keep looking at this small picture we are never going to get anywhere. This moment will end and the odds are that we will forget that we ever even felt this way.

In this literal moment, I’m not overly excited about the next few hours. I already know what it will involve and that is me staring at this computer screen writing in the language of the nerds. No, not Klingon…Code(HTML, JS, PHP, CSS). Exciting huh? Don’t be jealous. I’m just looking forward to next week, when hopefully, I’m not feeling the stress of work deadlines nor the pain of my procrastination.

It’s hard to find a lot motivation when I am looking at life in this moment. But, if I look at a big enough time frame it’s quite different. If I examine the past 2 years of my life as a whole then I see something amazing at work. I see a God who has done some major reconstruction, on a guy who was in pieces. And it’s awesome. I’ve learned so much, and been so blessed. Looking at the big picture, I know that that He is working in my life and that I can get through this menial task. Looking at right now, I’m wondering where He’s at and why He’s not giving me motivation to get this work done.

So that’s my motivation and reminder. He is faithful, and has a plan. Sometimes “now” isn’t fun and feels pointless but keep going. Not for a moment, will He forsake us. Not the life changing moments that are worthy of sadness. Not even the little moments like these, when we’d rather be having a beer but instead are intravenously forcing another cup of coffee into our already caffeine filled veins. So, I hope that you can find some motivation in this. As a matter of fact, I hope that I can stay motivated after I post this. Anyways, here is the song that rekindled my motivation, it’s called “Not For a Moment”. Thanks to Jaime who shared it on FB. Hope you enjoy.