By: Dwayne Parton

Beauty Matters

I’ve seen a lot of posts on beauty lately. It seems like most of the times they are written by girls to girls who are struggling with self worth. Well I’m a guy and I just wanted to say that beauty does matter.

As shallow as that may sound, it’s the truth. Ask yourself, “Do I want my spouse to think I’m ugly?” Hopefully the answer is a resounding no. I hope my wife will think that I am a stud. What an injustice it would be to marry someone and think “My wife sure has a beautiful heart, but she’s not much to look at”. Tell them that and see what happens. I would bet that you don’t enjoy the next few hours of life as you try to find some way to redeem yourself. I don’t know any women who wants to feel like their husband settled for them.

So let me reiterate, beauty matters! I don’t want to tackle every type of beauty, just physical beauty. Too often we allow society to dictate what we define as beautiful. A big company markets someone as beautiful and our thoughts change accordingly. All of a sudden this person we may have never thought was beautiful is smoking hot. Why? Because in our mind everyone else thinks she is. Don’t let this define what you think beauty is. We are all created differently. Each one of us is a unique individual. It’s perfectly normal to like, think, and have opinions that differ from someone else. It’s normal to define beauty differently.

Guys. Whether you like them tall, short, thin, or round you are free to like what you like. You shouldn’t let your friends or the world change that. I think sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in feeling macho. But a wife is not a trophy. She is not something you set on the shelf to show the other guys what you’ve earned. She is for you. And what matters is that you think she is beautiful.

Girls. Don’t try to define what your man finds as beautiful. If he says you are more beautiful without make up on. Guess what? You are. We shouldn’t try to make ourselves “beautiful” to impress everyone else. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ever do yourself up, just don’t let it consume you. Also, beauty is not defined by what you can or can’t put on. Personally, I think it should be defined by your husband. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Hopefully we all know that beauty is fleeting, but I think it does matter. As we mature so will our taste. I imagine that my wife will be the cutest old lady in the world and I’ll probably be the goofiest looking old man but I’m sure she will always make me weak at the knees.