By: Dwayne Parton

Long Term Investments

I was chit chatting with an old friend of mine the other day about a song I had written almost 10 years ago. It’s funny how quickly years can pass by. When I was kid life wouldn’t come fast enough. Now that I’m an adult, with every day that passes time seems to move faster. A week is like a day, and a month is like a week. I imagine that when I’m gray it will move even faster. Anyhow, we went to college together and the conversation started with the memory and concluded with we’re getting old. How quickly that came…

The good thing is that memories are like wine. They just get better with time, that is as long as you can remember where you put them. You can’t have memories without time. Time is a beautiful thing. This cycle that we are on is a beautiful thing.

We’re getting old. Makes you want to “miss the good ol days”. I stopped myself before I responded with something so cliche. I don’t know that I miss them. I treasure their memories, but I’m glad they’ve passed.

Actually, I’m kinda looking forward to getting old. Maybe not the bad joints or the memory loss, but the wrinkles, the gray hair, the stubbornness, and the stories. I plan on telling lots of stories to anyone who will listen. Love stories, funny stories, some awesome adventure ones, and occasionally the same stories.

I look forward to being the funny little old man who hobbles along in a quaint town always going to the same restaurant at the exact the same time, ordering the exact same thing, asking for a news paper, and sipping on a coffee. They might not even have news papers then but we can pretend. The wrinkles on my worn out face will rise and fall like peaks and valleys. They will not deny the hard times that life has dealt me but they will highlight how I’ve responded.

smileYou know wrinkles are very expressive and they only accentuate our facial expressions. Angry people look more angry and sad people more sad. Smiley wrinkles. That’s what I want. I hope that I smile enough that the weathered ridges will permanently outline my joy.

Sure, we’re getting old. Guess that means we might as well plan for the future. I intend to anyways. Money can be a good thing, but it’s not the only thing. Memories worth keeping and stories worth making are priceless. And smiles, they are really long term investments.

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