By: Dwayne Parton

Day -1

I wanted to write a quick post before I went to sleep, or at least tried to. The snoring has already begun. Graaah, graaah. I imagine this will be the normal rhythm of the night. I’m super excited though! Today was so stressful and the past weeks have been equally so. Trying to get work done, trying to get taxes paid, trying to make plans for anything that may happen. Life is just too complicated. We’ll I’m here now and I guess the rest just is what it is. I’m planning to hike 8 miles tomorrow to the trail head, which means I’ll actually begin hiking the AT on Wednesday.


As stressful as the past weeks have been I have felt so loved. A huge thanks to all my friends for supporting me on this trip, or at least acting like it. Thanks so much for taking me out to diner, having a bon fire, making me a cake, writing me cards, and even writing me a song. That’s the first song anyone has ever written just for me! I wanted to post the lyrics but I forgot them at the house and didn’t have time to write a post before I left. I even got a special burger from the Filling Station!!! That made my day :) Anyhow, I am so thankful for you all!

If you want to keep up with me make sure you follow my blog, the posts should automatically go to FB but I am going to personally try to avoid it. I would love to see see comments on here though :)