By: Dwayne Parton

JellyBean's 2014 Appalachian Trail Hike Summary

I thought it would be neat to look at what I actually hiked. This table shows the actual trail miles I hiked and doesn’t take into account any side trails or times where I was lost. I marked every night in my guidebook and I’m really glad I did. It’s pretty neat to look back and just see how much I really hiked. I also found out that I was a day off in my guide which is not a big deal. It’s really easy to loose track. The reason it starts with Day 0 is because I started at Amicalola Falls on the approach trail and only hiked 2.8 miles of the actual AT. After VA I did not sleep in any shelters but hammocked at their location. I’m hoping to create another chart with a lot more details like the weather for each day, mile markers, and comments.

**Day** **Miles Hiked** **Camp Location****State**
011.6Stover Creek ShelterGA
113.0Gooch Mountain ShelterGA
222.6Whitley Gap ShelterGA
320.2Tray Mountain ShelterGA
415.5Plumorchard Gap ShelterGA
519.8Carter Gap ShelterNC
612.1Rock Gap ShelterNC
714.8Wayah Bald ShelterNC
1015.8Brown Fork Gap ShelterNC
1118.6Birch Spring GapNC
1217.1Derrick Knob ShelterNC/TN
1321.0Icewater Spring ShelterNC/TN
1420.3Cosby Knob ShelterNC/TN
1517.6Groundhog Creek ShelterNC/TN
1623.0Deer Park Mountain ShelterNC/TN
173.2Hot SpringsNC/TN
1811.0Spring Mountain ShelterNC/TN
1921.3Flint Mountain ShelterNC/TN
2018.9Bald Mountain ShelterNC/TN
2121.1Curley Maple Gap ShelterNC/TN
2221.9Clyde Smith ShelterNC/TN
2321.2Doll FlatsTN
2427.7Dennis Cove RdTN
2517.5Vandeventer ShelterTN
2622.7Abingdon Gap ShelterTN
279.9Woodchuck Hostel DamascusVA
280.0Woodchuck Hostel DamascusVA
2916.1Lost Mountain ShelterVA
3028.2Hurricane Mountain ShelterVA
3134.4Davis Path CampsiteVA
3219.9Chestnut Knob ShelterVA
3333.8Jenny Knob ShelterVA
3421.4Woods Hole HostelVA
3640.8Bench at Southern Crest of Brush MountainVA
3719.4Johns Spring ShelterVA
3921.5Cove Mountain ShelterVA
4029.6Matts Creek ShelterVA
4130.3Hog Camp GapVA
4228.1Maupin Field ShelterVA
4321.8Shenandoah National Park EntranceVA
4432.9Pinefield HutVA
4532.1Rock Spring HutVA
4628.4Gravel Springs HutVA
4728.6Dicks Dome ShelterVA
4829.5David Lesser Memorial ShelterWV
4915.6Ed Garvey ShelterMD
5029.7Raven Rock ShelterPA
5132.8Birch Run ShelterPA
5229.1Boiling SpringsPA
5325.6Doyle Hotel DuncannonPA
540.0Doyle Hotel DuncannonPA
550.0Doyle Hotel DuncannonPA
564.3Clarks Ferry ShelterPA
5724.7Rausch Gap ShelterPA
5929.1Eckville ShelterPA
6130.2Kirkridge ShelterPA
6219.9Rattlesnake SpringNJ
6330.9High Point ShelterNJ
6423.9Wawayanda ShelterNJ
6532.0William Brien Memorial ShelterNY
6731.3Telephone Pioneers ShelterNY
6828.5Stewart Hollow Brook ShelterCT
6930.1Brassie Brook ShelterCT
7028.5Mt. Wilcox South SheltersMA
7133.4Kay Wood ShelterMA
7328.7Melvine Nauheim ShelterVT
7427.8Stratton Pond ShelterVT
7527.2Big Branch ShelterVT
7631.4Churchill Scott ShelterVT
7923.3Smarts MountainNH
8021.0Jeffers Brook ShelterNH
8124.7Franconia NotchNH
8224.8Ethan Pond CampsiteNH
8324.8Parapet BrookNH
849.8Carter NotchNH
8622.5Speck Pond ShelterME
8722.4Sawyer NotchME
8829.0Hiker HutME
8923.8South Branch Carabassett RiverME
9023.7Little Bigelow Lean-toME
9127.4Pleasant Pond Lean-toME
9542.7Abol BridgeME