By: Dwayne Parton

Lonesome Pine

Yesterday evening I had a wonderful 7 mile hike up to Lonesome Pine Overlook starting at the Noland Divide Trail from Deep Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains just minutes away from Bryson City. Wow, that a mouthful. This was my first time making that hike. It’s 3.5 miles up hill but the reward is well worth it, the trail is clean, and the gradient is pretty gradual. If you haven’t done this hike and you are in Bryson City area make sure you do. Here’s a nice link for more trail information.

What to Take

Here is a very small list of items to take on your hike to Lonesome Pine.

  • Small Day Pack
  • Shoes: You could make the hike in flops I guess, but you probably wouldn’t want to.
  • Snacks: Granola Bars, Gummy Bears, whatever you would like.
  • Water: There is no real good water source on the trail. I took 1 liter and was fine. I drank maybe 1/2 a liter. If you drink lots of water, 2 liters should be more than enough.
  • Trekking Poles: Optional. They are always nice but you don’t need them.


The only cost is your time and it’s well worth that.