By: Dwayne Parton

My Lucy

LucyLoose, Woo-Ha!, Lucy…That’s my dog. My Lucy. She is as spacey as can be but loves me endlessly. Sometimes I wonder why. She hiked the Appalachian Trail with me, guards my home, and always greets me with an outstretched tongue and one ear awkwardly folded to the side. We have communication issues. I tell her to sit, she gets the rope. I say “let me pet you” she nips my hand making sure to share plenty of slim. She’s not the brightest crayon, but beyond a shadow of a doubt she loves me.

She’s hyper sensitive, and that makes communication even harder. One wrong tone and she thinks your mad. If something unexpected touches her she is quick to freak out with over exaggerated yelps that scream “Something’s got me.” This over reaction pisses me off to no end. “Lucy! I’m trying to help you!” I say as I try to unwind the rope that has wrapped around her foot. Once it’s free the drama is over and then out comes that tongue, and down goes the ear. As much as she get’s on my nerves she is my dog. Oh Lucy, my Lucy. Crazy how much loosing a dog can hurt.