By: Dwayne Parton

Following Thread

Before leaving I met with one of my dearest friends, Wayner. We were discussing my trip and reasons for it. He understood my desire to go but it was so hard to explain. I’m hoping to articulate that in a way that makes sense. I am just driving around semi aimlessly but that’s not exactly true. I like to think I’m following a thread, though I just recently made this connection.

On the way out here I listened to a book by George McDonald called “The Princess and the Goblin”. What a wonderful story. More than a wonderful story it hides deep truths and I will read it to my kids if ever I have them. At the start of the book the princess looses herself. She is lost in a maze of doors until she breaks down, hopeless, and unable to escape. That’s when her great great grandmother appears. She comforts her and leads her to safety.

The princess is so excited. She goes off and tells everyone about how wonderful her great great grandmother is. No one believes her and she begins to believe she has imagined it all. Once again she searches for her grandmother but she is no where to be found. The princess breaks down again and her grandmother reveals herself. “Why couldn’t I find you?” says the princess. The grandmother explained that she couldn’t find her because she didn’t think she would. See what I mean!! This is getting good.

The grandmother later gives the princess a present; some thread she had been weaving. The thread is so fine it can only be seen as a glisten in the sun. She ties one end of the string to the princesses ring and says “If ever you want to find me, put the ring under your pillow and follow the string no matter where it leads you.”

On following the string the princess is led through a cave. This can’t be right she thinks and she tries to retrace her route and follow the string backwards. She can no longer feel the string. She must go forward trusting that she will find her grandmother on the end. The string leads her through many dangerous scenes but as long as she is following it she is safe and others are helped along the way.

Does that make sense? Do you see the connection? I feel like I’m following a string and I can’t articulate the hows. I’ve driven all over Colorado and have only felt the need to stop and stay in one town, Leadville. I don’t know why, but when I got here I new I wanted to stay.

This morning I got up and went to the local coffee shop. I sat and worked for 2 hours and then decided I needed to walk around town. It was pretty early and everything was closed except for one little outdoor store. I walk into the store. There were 3 people in there. I walked around and saw some disc golf discs. “Is there a disc golf course around here?” I asked a guy who I assumed worked there. “I’m not sure. You should ask the girl in the front.” I asked her and we have a brief conversation about more than just disc gold. We talk about Bryson City Outdoors and I explain that I’m a web developer. The guy in the back hears me and comes up to talk. We talk for a bit and decide to go get some coffee. Pretty cool. This could be a great connection for web development and even adventure since he is a backcountry skier. He comes to Leadville to visit his girlfriend who works at that outfitter.

I can’t help but think about that string. I’ll stay here until it leads me somewhere else. Does that make sense? I just want to follow the string. Somehow I know I’ll find what I’m looking for at the end of it.